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Magliette, T-Shirt, Felpe, Maglioni, Vestiti - ERP Italia Tessile

Our Services

Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile aims to support the Producers of footwear, clothing, clothing accessories and home textile products in the process of preparing for the exit of the Decree on Extended Producer Responsibility.

It aims to ensure the correct management of compliance obligations with environmental legislation, both in Italy and abroad, managing the collection and recycling of textile waste to transform it into new secondary raw material, creating an economy circular, sustainable and concrete also in the world of fashion.

Our vision and the added value of the Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile

  • A Consortium Focused on Producers: Non-profit Collective System with statute and regulations designed and written for Producers and their specific needs;
  • Strategic Influence and Lobbying: the Consortium is able to represent and support Producers with the Authorities and qualifying themselves as stakeholders;
  • Global Compliance in Textiles: Membership of an international group for the management of textile compliance in all countries where the legislation is in force;
  • New Model: Dynamic, inclusive and innovative Collective System, which starts from a model based on consolidated and functional knowledge developed over the years.