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Magliette, T-Shirt, Felpe, Maglioni, Vestiti - ERP Italia Tessile

Our advantages

Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile aims to ensure the correct management of compliance obligations in the management of textile waste being defined within the scope of the Principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and of other obliged entities operating in our country.

What are the advantages of joining the Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile?

Membership in the Consorzio ERP Italia Tessile allows Producers to obtain the following advantages:

  • International knowledge of EPR regulations in all countries where legislation exists in this market;
  • Continuous update on the progress of the legislation;
  • A single international referent to simplify the complexity of compliance management in EU and non-EU countries;
  • An Italian project within a global context;
  • Expert partners and certified operators;
  • Research and development projects to support producers and other parties involved;
  • Management of pre- and post-consumption with a view to reuse.